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Maternity Reflexology

Pregnant Woman in Nature

Relaxation for the mother is equally as good for her developing baby. Relaxation is the antidote to stress.  Many women find that pregnancy in addition to their normal day to day activities can put them under pressure. 

Reflexology throughout pregnancy is appropriate for relaxation and stress management.

Reflexology is a wonderful therapy, which can be used safely during pregnancy and labour. It is best to wait until you are 12 weeks pregnant or more before you avail of a treatment.

Reflexology is recommended by Holles Street Hospital in Dublin for pregnant women.


  • Reduces morning sickness.

  • Can bring relief from indigestion, constipation, hemorrhoids, and morning sickness.

  • Regularise Blood Pressure.

  • Helps with heartburn, backache and sciatica.

  • Will help you sleep better and give you more energy.

  • Prepares the body for labor by balancing the body's systems, especially the endocrine system which is responsible for the secretion of many important hormones.​


A full consultation will take place first before your treatment commences. You will be asked to provide as much information as possible so that an accurate record can be written. This will give overall picture of your general health, diet and lifestyle and to understand any pregnancy specific conditions that you may be facing.

Please note that as maternity reflexology complements the skilled work of the midwife, it is important that your inform your GP/ midwife’s before you book a treatment.

Each treatment is unique to you but will always include plenty of relaxation techniques. Reflexology is recommended throughout your pregnancy. The most beneficial programme would be as follows:

Trimester I and II:

A treatment every 3-4 weeks.

Trimester III:

A treatment every 2 weeks, increasing to weekly treatments in the last month.



Having Maternity reflexology in the final stages of your pregnancy helps your body enter a deep state of relaxation and this can sometimes result in the spontaneous onset of labor, preventing the need for medical intervention. One or two reflexology treatments at or around the 40 week stage will also leave your body balanced and rested and in optimal condition to give birth.


By using certain techniques, reflexology can relax the mother-to-be and enabling her to be in the best frame of mind, allows baby to feel safe, nurtured and ready to make his or her entrance to the world. Very often labour does commence when the mother is in this balanced state, but it is baby who will arrive when they are ready.

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