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Reflexology For Fertility Issues

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Experiencing issues with your (or your partner’s) fertility can be an extremely difficult and emotional time.

Although reflexologists do not claim to cure infertility, treatments are incredibly calming and relaxing which may in turn, help to balance the hormones that are fundamental to the optimum functioning of the reproductive system.


Fertility Reflexology is becoming more popular for couples trying to conceive. Some choose fertility reflexology before they go down the route of medical intervention, and for others they use fertility reflexology in conjunction with assisted conception.

At this time, reflexology can help to reduce anxiety and promote relaxation which can help increase the chances of success.

​Trying for a baby can be a wonderful and exhilirating experience. On average it takes between 12-18 months for a couple to conceive, however, sadly around one in six will experience fertility problems.  Nearly 30% of cases can be attributed to female fertility issues, 30% of cases to male fertility issues, 30% to both and in 10% the problem is unexplained.  We live in a fast-paced hectic age where everything is expected to happen instantly, however, nature tends to move at a much slower rhythm.  Psychological, environmental and nutritional factors all have a role to play in the bigger picture of fertility and reflexology can offer a safe way of helping with subfertility. 

  • Balance Hormone Levels

  • Regulate ovulation

  • Boost Blood Circulation

  • Relax the Whole Body

  • Regulate Menstrual Cycle

  • Stimulate Endorphin Release

  • Balanced Environment


Reflexology is a complementary, holistic therapy which dates back to ancient Egypt and China. Reflexology works on the premise that there are reflex points on the feet and hands which correspond to all of the different parts of the body, including organs and glands. Through skilful manipulation, a reflexologist can stimulate the body’s own healing system which can help rebalance the entire body.

Female Subfertility 

The most common problem affecting female fertility is an ovulation disorder where there is limited or no ovulation.  Without ovulation, eggs are not available to be fertilised, signs of which include irregular or no menstrual periods.  This could be due to Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, thyroid gland disorders, adrenal gland disorders, excessive exercise, diabetes, weight loss, obesity (BMI over 30) or psychological stress. 


Stress levels for women trying to conceive are typically high which could potentially lead to anxiety or depression. When we are under stress, we experience neurochemical changes which can affect ovulation meaning women ovulate less or not at all resulting in fertility issues.  Nowadays women lead busy lives with demanding jobs and home lives often resulting in exhaustion, poor health and stress. 


Female subfertility could be due to blocked fallopian tubes, perhaps as a result of pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis or an ectopic pregnancy.  If fallopian tubes are blocked, the egg cannot move from the ovary to the uterus and fertility problems arise. Other reasons for fertility issues may be immune system problems where women make antibodies against the sperm of some men or the fertilised egg; being aged over 35; PID (pelvic inflammatory diesease); adrenal or thyroid deficiencies; fibroids or benign growths in the uterus, some commonly used medications taken mid cycle e.g. ibuprofen and aspirin.


Reflexology for female subfertility can help bring the body back into balance, helping to de-stress the body as well as balancing hormomes.  It is a safe, complementary therapy for those trying to conceive naturally.  It is also safe to have reflexology as part of assisted conception such as IUI, IVF, ICSI.  Reflexology can help de-stress and balance hormones prior to an IVF treatment, during the different stages and even after the completed process.  


Fertility Reflexology Treatments

Fertility reflexology treatments are available for both male and female clients. Initial treatment will include a health, diet and lifestyle consultation so a personalised treatment plan can be designed for you. It takes 12 weeks from creation to maturity of an egg and sperm,  therefore clients are advised to follow a 12 week programme.

The fertility programme is:

  • An initial nutritional consultation for you, or for you and your partner to help make positive changes in your diet to help create good quality eggs and sperm and build a great foundation to create a healthy and strong embryo.

  • Weekly reflexology treatments for 12 weeks. 

The programme can can be adaped and personalised.

If you have tried natural holistic approaches and you have opted to go down the IVF route, but would like holistic support throughout, then Reflexology can support you through IVF.

During the IVF journey stress levels are very high and it is important for clients to understand that treatments during this stage are purely for relaxation and not trying to control hormone balance. Reflexology stress relief treatments can be used from hyperstimulation up to the final scan prior to egg collection, then during the five days after retrieval before implantation.  It is important to have 1-2 treatments prior to embryo transfer.

Whatever stage you are at in the process of trying to conceive, the treatment plan will be developed to help balance your body so that it is at an optimimum level for conception. Sessions will also include homecare advice to help you improve your chances of conception.

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