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Organic Herbal Tea Blends
The Inspiration

The creation of this herbal tea range stemmed from years of hands-on experience supporting my clients through Reflexology, especially in the area of women's health.

Over time, I noticed recurring themes among my clients' needs, particularly in areas such as digestive support, stress and anxiety management, sleep issues, menstrual health, and menopausal symptoms. This observation inspired me to develop a range of herbal teas upon completing my studies to become a herbalist.

These teas were crafted not only to address the physical ailments but also to provide a dedicated moment in the day for self-care and relaxation. By taking just 10 minutes to allow the herbs to infuse, inhale their aroma, and sip slowly, individuals can immerse themselves in a moment of tranquility. Encouraging a few deep breaths during this time helps reset the nervous system, fostering a sense of calm and balance.

This ritual serves as a valuable opportunity for individuals to release tension and stress, making it a rewarding part of their daily routine. It's not just about addressing specific health concerns; it's about creating a mindful space to reset and rejuvenate, promoting overall well-being and harmony in both body and mind.

All our Herbal Tea Blends are hand blended in Co. Clare using Certified Organic Ingredients.

Herbal Tea Blend Chill Pill

Chill Pill

Stress Relieving & Calming

Pillow potion herbal tea blend

Pillow Potion

Relaxing & Sleep Inducing

happy flow herbal tea blend

Happy Flow

 Support Periods Naturally

Gut Feeling Herbal Tea Blend

Gut Feeling

Digestive Support: Soothe, Heal & Protect

second spring herbal tea blend

Second Spring

Support Menopause Naturally

peppermint herbal tea blend


Refreshing & Revitalising

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